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Do You Suffer From Porn Addiction?

If you suffer from porn addiction, you’re not alone and it’s nothing be ashamed of. Since men have higher levels of testosterone than women, they feel sexual desire to a very high degree and pornography gives them access to the visual stimulation that they want and need. However, porn addiction may take a serious toll on relationships and overall quality of life. For this reason, it’s very important to understand the symptoms of this disorder and how to treat it. Porn addiction doesn’t have to be life sentence which alienates romantic partners, costs you money and eats up all of your free time.

6 Steps to Having the Sex Life You Really Want

Are you happy with your sex life? Are you the kind of guy who watches the actor in the movie make love to one woman after another without one little misstep and wonder why that’s not you? Or are you just too afraid to think outside the box and you would rather settle for the regular lovemaking session rather than try even the slightest deviation from the norm? It really boils down to what you consider to be the sex life you really want, and these days with ED medications like Viagra available there’s really no excuse for not turning your bedroom dream into a reality.